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I've always wanted to be an artist, Starting from romantic travel with my husband where we went to Bali & Lombok, Indonesia. I saw a leather bag craftsman who was in Bali where all this time I also as a tailor leather bag as well. Feel one word with the artisans then I cooperate with him to make a leather bag design and design comes from me. While in Bali & Lombok as well, I was impressed with the handicraft bag or also called rattan bag or straw bag. I think this is a very nice and unique and natural bag and I have to make a bag like this.
All of our products are designed and produced with quality, functionality and minimalism in mind. Above all our mantra is “less is more” and we firmly believe that a great design includes necessary elements and nothing extra. Because of this, you will find that our items may look simple, but on closer examination, they are more complex than they appear and in some cases perform multiple functions in a single simple space.

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